Dog Walking

Do you work all day? Have other commitments or perhaps an illness preventing you from being able to take your dog on a walk?


Well that’s where we can help… let us help break the day up for your beloved pooch!


Walking and outside exercise is as essential to dogs as food and water!


Walking your dog does not only provide them with essential exercise, but many other things as well:​

  • Weight control

  • socialisation

  • Lower risk of health problems

  • Less boredom

  • Play and fun

  • Exploring and Learning

At Paws & Play we understand that all dogs are different and have different requirements. That is why we offer a variety of services that we feel help to cater to each dog’s needs. Please see below for a breakdown of each service we offer;

Group Walk – 1 Hour

This service is designed for dogs that are happy to socialise, play and enjoy the company of others. We walk in various locations, all off road where your dogs can enjoy their walk and have fun with their friends.
We don’t walk more than 4 dogs per walker to ensure each dog has the attention and care they deserve.
We can walk your dog either on or off the lead and at the end of the walk, your dog will be safely returned home and towel dried (If your dog likes the mud and depending on what our lovely English weather is like)

Please note – All dogs will start on lead until we get to know each other, and we feel their re-call is strong enough for us to let them off. 
We will also require written consent from owners prior to this.


£12 (second dog from the same home receives a 50% discount)


1-2-1 walks

This service is designed for dogs that still enjoy a walk but are happier walking with their human companion rather than their four-legged friends. 
Walks can be from your home, or we can transport them to a nearby park/field if this is what you think your dog would prefer.


£10 for 30 minutes


Day Care

Your pooch will join us for the day in our home, and enjoy the company of our dogs and other day-carers.

They will get a 1 hour walk throughout the day, as well as lots of playtime and well deserved naps (our clients often tell us how tired and content their dogs are after a day at day-care)

Hours are 08:30am – 5:30pm




Puppy Visits

We know how hard it can be with a new family member, when you still need to work or take the kids to activity sessions etc.
We offer a 30 minute visit to help break your pup’s day up and help get them in to a routine of going outside to do their business.
These visits include play, stimulation, toilet-training and of course kisses and cuddles.
We will also do basic training if requested, reiterating anything you have already started and when they are old enough, introduce them to the outside world with very short walks.





Cats are creatures of habit and like routine. This service is a pop in for our feline friends and smaller animals. It can include feeding and checking water, toilet breaks, emptying litter trays, giving medication or just giving your pet lots of fuss, attention and cuddles.